Akron Beacon Journal (9/23/14 - http://www.ohio.com/editorial/editorials/for-the-summit-common-pleas-court-1.524854)

Norton FOP Lodge #119

Barberton FOP Lodge #13

Summit County Deputies FOP Lodge # 139



Judge O'Brien has received a rating of Highly Recommended by the Akron Bar Association.*

*The Akron Bar Association assigns one of four possible rankings to candidates (Not Recommended, Acceptable, Recommended, or Highly Recommended).  These rankings are not an endorsement for or against any particular candidate. Instead, the rankings are an evaluation by the Commission on Judicial Candidates based on seven standards: Integrity, Legal Knowledge and Ability, Professional Experience, Judicial Temperament, Diligence, Personal Responsibility, and Public & Community Service and only indicate the Commission’s opinion on the suitableness of a candidate for the specific judgeship the candidate is seeking.

Judge O'Brien's opponent did not receive this highest ranking.




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